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November 28, 2013
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FAM: pg 16 by ExelionStar FAM: pg 16 by ExelionStar

>>>Battle of Havana 1762
was a military action from March to August 1762, as part of the Seven Years War. British forces besieged and captured the city of Havana, which at the time was an important Spanish naval base in the Caribbean, and dealt a serious blow to the Spanish navy. Havana was subsequently returned to Spain under the 1763 Treaty of Paris that formally ended the war.

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Hetalia (c) :iconhimaruyaplz:
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HamasakiMisui Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Spain... :iconifaintplz:
thepagansun Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2013
Yup...but Spain was also busy fighting Portugal (both in Portugal and in Brazil) and Spain recaptures and evntually gives back British Bahamas (and also recaptured Florida and Menorca) when Spain and England were again on opposite sides during the American Revolution. Just trying to let people know that wars/battles between Spain and England weren't as one-sided as some people like to portray and that Spain kicked British butt quite often too. ;)
ExelionStar Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2013   General Artist
Don't worry, we were not ignoring that fact. But let's just say he was there at the time. In some of our books I read the British, even though they were strong, were really jealous of Spain and the others (like France) that he began to take a step to the New World. Correct me if I'm wrong ^^; 
thepagansun Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
Sorry this response is late! I've been out of it for a while. Oh ok, good! As long as it's not being ignored. Oh no, you're right! And Himaruya does state that too. My problem with Himaruya though was that he kinda glossed over Spain's era as if it was built and gone in a day and ended with the fall of the Spanish Armada which isn't true at all. >_< But yeah...pretty much EVERYONE was jealous of Spain since they had the largest empire known at the time, not only in the New World but also his European colonies which included parts of France, Italy, Netherlands, etc. which was why they kept attacking him. They wanted a "balance of power" back in Europe and Spain was getting way too powerful, but he kept using up all his money to pay for his wars. And even then, many Spanish soldiers' pay came late or not at all! The very tragic and bloody "Spanish Fury" in which unpaid Spanish sacked Dutch cities from 1572-1579 was just one example of this. :(

Spain's dominance eventually ended with the War of the Quadruple Alliance (1718-1720) in which was kind of part of the War of Spanish Succession in which France, UK, Holy Roman Empire, Dutch Republic, Savoy (once part of N. Italy) all ganged up on Spain and kind of forced him to give up most of his European possesions in exchange for keeping a Bourbon (French) king instead of a Hapsburg (HRE) one. And even then, Spain caused MAJOR damage! Look at the stats! Alliance had about 35,000 vs. Spain's 15,000-20,000. Results? Alliance had 6,000-8,000 vs. Spain's 5,000! Spain inflicted heavier casualties on all of them but was still considered a "loss." 

So yeah...this why I get so upset with some fans that only see Spain as the "uke" especially with England and even with Romano. NO ONE wanted to mess with Spain. I hope this helps!
ExelionStar Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014   General Artist
I understand :)

Oh, THIS really helped me understand things. Poor Spain though. But still he kept up with all of that.
Hmm...the way he handles his money always worry me. It affected his and his colonies economy? 
But from what you've said, Spain really is more badass than any of the countries combined back then.
I just hope some people get this. Thank you very much for this marvelous information. :D
thepagansun Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014
YAY! was quite sad. Especially since his people have a history of repeated civil wars that make things that much worse. In fact, nearly all the times he's been beaten by another country, he was going through some type of "civil war" so he couldn't focus only on the war with the enemy: War of Spanish Succession, Napoleon War (Napoleon forced Spanish king to abdicate and put his brother on the throne, so it kind of threw the Spanish forces through a loop since they didn't know who to take orders from compared to Portugal's king who fled to Brazil and still ruled them from there so they were still united) and Carlist Wars which affected his performance in Spanish-American War. 

LOL...yeah. Most of Spain's money went to fund his wars or was spent on gloryfying Austria/HRE. For example, the Aztec king Montezuma's real headress is in Vienna, Austria not in Spain and the one in Mexico is a replica. Mexico's been asking Austria for it back but so dice. :( Plus, even during his early days as an empire with King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabel of Castilla, it was usually Castilla that was funding all the wars and explorations and this caused friction between Castilla and Aragon. So even from the early days, it was one big province of Spain that was footing the bill! 

And as for Latin America, well alot of Spanish money went to building settlements and forts there too. And usually only the aristocrat Spaniards that were able to buy land and slaves were wealthy, the indigenous peoples and slaves of course, didn't. But many times, the indigenous people and slaves would often seek to mix with the Spanish because they knew that even if their child was half-Spanish, as long as the child was brought up Catholic, they'd still be entitled to certain rights instead of having the baby be full African slave or indigenous. So that widening gap between rich and poor, European and slave was at the heart of most of the problems in Latin America. :(

And oh yeah...he was! That's what I always try to remind people whenever they think Spain was "pushed around" like Himaruya claims. He really kicked everyone's butt for a while! Even in the Spanish-American War he sometimes dealt heavier casualties to the American/Cubans even when they were outnumbered! And when the USA pushed Europe to let Spain join NATO in 1975, the USA said "everyone knows that the Spanish are tough and courageous fighters" and warned "But we shouldn't try the patience of such a country. No one can be expected to wait 30 years for membership. We ask that you don't tread on the pateince or the most docile people can turn into the most volatile." So yeah ...he's not one to be trifled with! O_O

 Aww...thanks so much! It's so great to find a person that finds the info I share useful! Some people think I'm either trolling, being a know-it-all, or shooting down their opinions. -_- I hope they understand that I'm not trying to be a know-it-all, but when it comes to Spain there's so many things Himaruya and the fandom got wrong. And it sucks to see Spain always an "uke" if it's not Spamano (and even it is he STILL takes Romano's attitude) or be seen as "useless" or "weak." He was quite the opposite! Thanks again! Sorry for the long reply. ^^; If there's anything else you'd like to know, just let me know! :)
ExelionStar Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2014   General Artist
Wars left and right and he's surrounded by the countries that opposes him....:(

I didn't know about that! Might as well store it in my knowledge bin :D

Well, we don't know how Himaruya get his knowledge of countries except him visiting the countries and meeting people of different race.
Haha....Spain really is, as Prussia would say, awesome. :D

You're welcome. REALLY? Some people still do that?! TSK...They should be thankful for the great information you're sharing to them. Is that what you call Insecure? If that's it, then they are that. I really am grateful for this. Hmmm....Himaruya often shows him like that and he seldom make Spain show his "other side".

It's okay. I like long replies like this :XD: Whenever people share something like this, I feel giddy. I don't know it just happens. Thanks :D

thepagansun Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2014 was a sad, trying time for Spain. He lots of obstacles to overcome and very nearly overcame them all! 

Yeah...he probably does base it off personal experiences (they say he based Spain off a Spanish friend) which is nice but it would've to have done a bit more research on what the general public of that country are like since one friend can't really represent the whole nation. I mean, Wikipedia isn't even a good research tool, but even it has some basic info. He could've used that a little more.'s disappointing. Well, thank you so, so much! And likewise! I like people to know too that I just don't like GIVING info but I also like RECIEVING it too. So I learned a lot from you too! 

And yeah...I can understand some of the fandom in the sense that Hetalia is a parody and based off stereotypes, but that shouldn't mean that Spain is "OOC" if he shows his dark side or if UK isn't whining and crying all the time, that it's perfectly acceptable to introduce "OCs" since it's a series about countries and Himaruya couldn't possibly have drawn every single country in the world but their stories should be told too, and that while pairings and human AUs are fun, they're countries and so someone's "OTP" is never going to be 100% forever since countries of course have relations with more than just one other country. So yeah...that's why I at least try to educate them a little bit. 

Aww...good. I'm glad I made you happy! Thanks for being so accepting! :)
Imperial-Snow Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Whoa! This is amazing as heck! Is that Cuba on the right?
ExelionStar Featured By Owner Nov 29, 2013   General Artist
Thanks. Yes, that is Cuba.
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